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Seeking guidance with offering cruelty free/vegan options in your business? Or perhaps you need support with the how-to's of highlighting some of your Cruelty Free alternative products in your inventory. Our experience will save you time and money by getting you on the right track and direction efficiently. We offer business consultation services with Certified Cruelty Free founder, Deborah Rosenberg.

Deborah provides one-on-one consultations. You will gain knowledge in team training, business strategy and work through marketing and operational challenges as needed.

Consulting with Deborah was a life changer. She answered each & every question I had & provided me with a clear, concise direction and strategy to move forward with my vision. Her passion and willingness to help is inspiring.
— Carol G., New York
Deborah Rosenberg, Founder & Vegan Design Expert

Deborah Rosenberg, Founder & Vegan Design Expert

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