How to go cruelty-free?

Being cruelty-free is not an easy choice but a smart one; it does require effort on your part, but it is not hard to follow through. The growing revolution has made it possible to have cruelty-free options as vibrant and in abundance as any other. The word ‘cruelty’ is tossed around and ignored so casually today, but once you see for yourself how there is no ‘kind’ way to exploit, there is no turning back. So, if you are interested to make changes, but don’t know where to start, we got your back. Remember – taking baby steps is the key!


1. Start with the basics – products. It involves no ‘sacrifice’ or foregoing any existing habits; simply substitute one product for another by doing a quick search on its production process.

- Go cruelty free with the Leaping Bunny

“Hundreds of cosmetics, personal care and cleaning brands are certified cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny programme.”

- Learn about animal testing with Cruelty Free Kitty

“I’m going to tell you why animal testing exists and why it’s a relic of the past. I’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the cruelty-free world, all in one place, and show you how to make smarter, more informed choices as a consumer.”


2. Another instant and obvious way to make a change is to stop stealing a real slaughtered animal’s skin for your fashion consumption.

- Start with alternatives that are widespread and mainstream, and therefore found everywhere! eg. Faux Fur and Leather Alternatives (check out our blog post on vegan leather to know more!)

- Move on to the sneakier ones – down feather stuffing, silk, and even wool (learn about the hidden atrocities of the wool industry in our PETA Prime post


3. The cruelest and possibly the hardest – food habits. Before you tread on this one, know that slow and steady wins the race (and also that you are a civilized, compassionate human being a result of years of evolution and therefore the smartest and most powerful species – and you are hence capable of controlling your impulses and gluttony).

The average American eats roughly 193 pounds of meats like beef/pork/chicken which is not only bad for animals but our own sustainability on this planet!

So, it is obvious that it’s no good (as we have mentioned ‘why go cruelty-free above) – and fetishizing ‘a dried/burnt pig slice’/’It’ every time someone points it out is not helping. For starters, every third day, celebrate a feel-good-do-good day where you replace meat with vegan alternatives therefore cleansing yourself inside out. You can start with this recipe that is quick and tasty (and effortless and healthy!) – and maybe even give a shot to more festive ones like these!


4. Extend your veganism to your surroundings and get yourself cruelty-free furniture and interiors. Cleanse your aura of the blood, torture and death entirely. Start by what you spend most time on – vegan sofas (link blog post), anyone? And remove any decorative pieces that are remnants of animal corpses such as skin, taxidermy, animal heads and trophies.


5. And lastly, but not the least – a little motivational tip – because the only thing more important than starting your journey is to stay on it. People will not always be supportive, purchases maybe be more calculative (your bank account, and people involved in the production process – as well the poorest parts of the world – will thank you). It is a journey not a destination, so the continuous investment will reap continuous, instant and long term gratification and benefits.

Sometimes, you will have to simply remind yourself that you aren’t just saving animals, you are saving the environment, and therefore more importantly, your future generations and children.


For any questions, queries, suggestions (or even simply to ceremoniously announce to the world you’ve started a compassionate lifestyle) – head to our forum to leave a message!