This course is accredited through the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC).

Interior Designers that take the course are eligible for Continuing Education Units through IDCEC, ASID, IDC IDEC & IIDA.

The Certified Cruelty Free Certification Course is geared towards architects, designers, manufacturers and students.

Enrollment is open for all individuals and organizations seeking to gain knowledge and awareness in cruelty free (vegan) design.

Completing the course will not only provide knowledge in cruelty free design, but will also strengthen professional credibility and distinction.

Please note: Taking the certification course does not mean that you or your company must now transition to be 100% cruelty free. The certified cruelty free logo signifies only that you have become educated in cruelty free alternatives that can now be added to your existing services and/or expertise.

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The accredited online course is dedicated to individuals, small and large businesses and corporations seeking cruelty free education, awareness, opportunities & additional options within their industry.

After completing the online course and requirements are met, the "Certified Cruelty Free" trademarked logo will be issued for your use on all company literature, in store use, displays, websites and social media.

The "Certified Cruelty Free" logo connects the growing population of compassionate consumers to businesses and corporations (both small and large) that have made the moral decision to become educated and build awareness about cruelty free choices.

What's Included
Certified Cruelty Free holds the exclusive trademark for the “Certified Cruelty Free” logo.

Certified Cruelty Free holds the exclusive trademark for the “Certified Cruelty Free” logo.

  • Access to the course any time of day or night. The course is available 24/7 for up to 2 months.

  • Lifetime license to use the trademarked “Certified Cruelty Free” logo on all company literature, in store use, ads, displays, websites and social media.
  • Invitation to monthly webinars of the latest news, trends, products and people within our community.

  • Joining the exclusive forum with the founder and members who have completed the Certified Cruelty Free certification course. You will have the opportunity to communicate, share ideas, happenings, connect and network.

  • Certified Cruelty Free will promote you and your company at no additional cost. You will be featured on our website database, blog, social media venues & e-mail newsletters.


Module 1: The Environment & Leather Industry

  • Deborah Rosenberg's (founder of DiMare Design and vegan design expert) methods on cruelty free interior design
  • Education on green house gases & the environment
  • Insight into the leather industry
  • Exclusive PETA investigation interview
  • Definition of Certified Cruelty Free
  • New technology and how its reshaping the faux alternatives industry

Module 2: The Wool & Down Industry

  • Insight into the wool & down industry
  • Faux wool & down alternatives
  • How to incorporate vegan options into design
  • Exclusive PETA investigation interview
  • Interview with Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals
  • About Healthy/Wellness Design
  • How vegan options benefit individuals with sensory processing disorders & allergies
  • Why cruelty free alternatives vs. animal product

Module 3: The Fur & Reptile Industry

  • Insight into the fur industry
  • About the crocodile & ostrich leather industry
  • Faux fur options & how to incorporate them into design
  • What to look for in cruelty free alternatives
  • Recycled fabrics from plastics
  • "Harvesting" vegan leather

Module 5: The Hidden Truth

  • Hidden cameras and secret investigations uncover the harsh, torturous & inhumane conditions where animals are slaughtered for their skins, feathers and fur

Module 4: Branding & Marketing

  • How to approach clients with cruelty free options
  • Gain knowledge in marketing and branding techniques from leading industry experts and learn how to capture the growing socially conscious consumer.
  • Participants will leave this module with the proper tools to reach the ethical customer

The course provides 7.5 CEU Hours

approved by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council


  • Individuals such as residential, commercial and hospitality interior designers, architects etc.
  • Manufacturers and industries related to the design industry.
  • Fabric and upholstery manufacturers  and businesses.
  • Manufacturers and industries related to apparel, fashion, aviation, automobile and water vessels.
  • Companies seeking Certified Cruelty Free certification and/or education for their employees. 

    *Fees for companies are determined by number of participants seeking certification. Companies have the option of an online group rate or an “on-site” training with the instructor. Please contact us with inquires.
The Process

Step 1: Register and purchase the online course. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a simple questionnaire about yourself and business (if applicable.)

Step 2: Shortly after, you will then receive an email with access to the course and can complete it at your leisure. It is available 24/7 for two-months.

Step 3:  After completing the accredited online course, you will receive the trademarked logo for use & you will become part of our powerful community!


Taking the online course and getting the logo is the first step in reaching the 180 million socially conscious consumers. Once the course is completed, participants become members of the Certified Cruelty Free global community of like minded individuals and businesses. They can share information, seek advice and chat with others who share the common goal of creating a more humane world while growing their company to reach the rapidly growing ethical consumer. Your success in becoming a Certified Cruelty Free leader in your industry is part of our mission. We will do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.

1. The Database

All licensees of “Certified Cruelty Free” Certification Course appear on our online database. The database is a credible source to build your network with consumers and other companies. There are direct links to your site from the database.

2. E-mail Blast Promotions & Campaigns

The compassionate audience is growing yearly at a lightning speed pace. We want our audience to know about you and/or your product and company, and that you have taken an ethical and humane step towards saving the lives of animals. All licensees of “Certified Cruelty Free” Certification Course are a strong part of our email marketing and promotion campaign. 

3. Social Media

All licensees of “Certified Cruelty Free” Certification Course are proudly bragged about on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have a product, offer or something of interest to share, we will feature it throughout our social media platforms.

4. Sponsorship

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The Movement

By completing the course, you become part of a powerful community of like-minded individuals & small and large businesses who share the common goal of saving the lives of animals while elevating their business to meet the needs of the increasing number of ethical consumers worldwide.

Please note: Taking the certification course DOES NOT mean that you or your company must now transition to be cruelty free. The course is intended only to educate about vegan alternatives that can be added to your existing service and/or expertise & grow your business.

After checkout you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a video tutorial & login credentials to begin taking the course.

Online Certification Course
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10% of every certification is donated to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)


Want an extra one-on-one discussion with the founder?

Certification Course Discussion

45-Minute Course Discussion

Once you've completed the course, you will be able to discuss the content with the certification founder, Deborah Rosenberg. During this 45-minute discussion, you will have the opportunity to ask Deborah any questions you have in regards to the certification and implementing the teachings into your personal practice or business.

Deborah Rosenberg, Founder

Deborah Rosenberg, Founder