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We realized that the market of socially conscious consumers was growing at an extremely rapid rate and we could no longer ignore it. The majority of our customer base consists of millennials, who choose to purchase ethically made items over the alternatives. We knew the best way to translate our moral decision was through Certified Cruelty Free. We are proud to now display the Certified Cruelty Free badge on our website and to support ending animal cruelty in the fashion industry.
— Claudia Morillo, Owner of
The Cruelty Free course enlightened me. All of the items covered were very real. The program brought more awareness on the process, to own animal products produced by companies for financial gain. Animals suffer around the clock for companies and individuals to profit. You can’t sleep at night knowing this is happening. It has to STOP and we all have to wake up and make change.
— Lana McIver, Interior Designer
Certified Cruelty Free is not simply a course. It is a journey within ourselves and inside our mindset. You recognize that you need to wake up and DO something for real, because the Earth is our house but is also my house. And I do not want any type of violence in my house. Do you?
— Serena Balestri,
I just finished your course, I wanted to thank you and let you know that it is the best course I have ever taken!!!
— Lisa-Marie Deblois, Vegan Fashion Designer
Getting the certification was an eye opening experience for me and my staff. The cruelty free market is the future. New generations are more socially conscious. Our business has grown tremendously since completing the certification & offering Cruelty Free alternatives in addition to our regular services. I highly recommend the course.
— Marisol Hernandez, Course Participant
Certified Cruelty Free is a wonderful organization that focuses on highlighting and educating us about the animal suffering involved in the interior and fashion industries. The course also provides cruelty free alternative resources that can be bought instead.
— Chloe Bullock, Interior Designer
CCF supports an amazing cause to end the cruelty on animals. People don’t realize the heaviness of the world ‘cruelty’ in this industry. They bring forth (visually and with words) and that leaves an impact. I wish these videos were mandatory to be played at every store selling these products the way cigarette boxes come with a warning.
— Sahiba Pannu, Course Participant
This is a very worthwhile course to bring great awareness to this problem of cruelty of animals.
— Linda Dowd, Interior Designer
Certified Cruelty Free gives you the knowledge and tools to run your business in a more ethical and compassionate way.
— Lisa Hoffman, Interior Designer