Meet VEGAN DESIGN EXPERT, Deborah dimare  🌿

About Deborah DiMare: Deborah is an accomplished vegan design expert, luxury interior decorator, published author, TV personality, educational speaker, mother of 3 (including fur baby Lucca) and global influencer for the vegan design movement. Deborah and her vegan design expertise have been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC and in the pages of The Huffington Post, Ocean Drive, VegNews and PETA's blog. Deborah and her family reside in Miami, FL and when Deborah is not writing or teaching, you can find her paddle-boarding and playing on the beach with her daughters and puppy, Lucca.

In Deborah's own words: "It’s no accident that I began to watch online videos of animal cruelty. It was the right time for me to make the decision to do something about it and make a change. Our family loves animals dearly. They are an integral part of our lives. One of the gifts that I want to leave to my children is that I “GOT LOUD” in saving the lives of innocent animals and I stood up for what I believe in.

Watching videos of animals being tortured and killed simply for their skins and furs made me sick to my stomach. From the day I witnessed the inconceivable acts done to innocent animals, my personal life and entire business changed.

My mission became to put an end to the killing of animals for all industries. My design firm, Dimare Design, became 100% vegan and I created the Certified Cruelty Free educational course and the trademark for products.

Certified Cruelty Free is truly about becoming a member of a powerful, passionate community with individuals on every continent that are dedicated to saving the lives of animals while growing their businesses & furthering their success. We all work together in reaching the 180 million socially conscious consumers."

When I opened my eyes to the atrocities that are occurring every second worldwide to innocent animals, I had no choice but to change the direction of my life and business. I created Certified Cruelty Free for others, so they too, can learn, build awareness and bring about positive change for animals, themselves and their profession.
— Deborah DiMare, Founder