Meet The founder & VEGAN DESIGN EXPERT,
Deborah dimare  🌿

When I opened my eyes to the atrocities that are occurring every second worldwide to innocent animals for the fabrics and furnishings industry, I had no choice but to change the direction of my life and business. Certified Cruelty Free was created so everyone, professionals & non, can have access to fabulous vegan options and understand why going vegan is the right choice. Going humane in your decor not only saves animals but also saves people and our planet. That is why our platform continually educates our audience. It’s not just about buying a vegan pillow, it’s about learning why that vegan pillow is so important to the world. It’s about making change today and tomorrow!
— Deborah DiMare, Founder
Deborah DiMare & Lucca

Deborah DiMare & Lucca

Deborah DiMare is an accomplished vegan design expert, luxury interior decorator, founder of DiMare Design, published author, TV personality, educational speaker, mother of 3 (including fur baby Lucca) and global influencer for the vegan design movement. Deborah and her vegan design expertise have been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC and in the pages of The Huffington Post, Ocean Drive, VegNews and PETA's blog. Deborah and her family reside in Miami, FL and when Deborah is not writing or teaching, you can find her paddle-boarding and playing on the beach with her daughters and puppy, Lucca.