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The mission of Certified Cruelty Free is to educate & bring awareness to people, businesses & corporations about cruelty free & vegan products, materials and services that can be added to their daily lives and/or business practices. We achieve our mission by offering: an educational online course & registered trademark program. Eliminating the use of animal skin, fur and leather will save over 1 billion innocent animals every single year.


🖥 Accredited ONLINE COURSE

Education Is Power! One way you can make a difference from the comfort of your home is by taking the online course. We've created a simple course that can be taken anytime 24/7, and educates you about what really goes on in the skins & furniture industry, the chain of supply and how you can implement faux (vegan) fabric alternatives into your personal & professional life.

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Does your business offer at least one vegan product or service? If so, your company is eligible to register the Certified Cruelty Free trademark for that product or service. The trademark is essential for attracting new & socially conscious consumers and will show your customers that you are socially conscious.

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What People & Companies Are Saying About Us  ðŸ“¢

“We are proud to offer products that support the cruelty free mission, and help the Certified Cruelty Free team educate the design industry on the growing need for socially conscious sourcing options.”
— Cary Kravet, President of Kravet Inc.
Certified Cruelty Free is a wonderful organization that focuses on highlighting and educating us about the animal suffering involved in the interior and fashion industries. The course also provides cruelty free alternative resources that can be bought instead.
— Chloe Bullock, Interior Designer

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