The Certified Cruelty Free badge is a globally recognized symbol.

The Certified Cruelty Free badge is a globally recognized symbol.

What is the Certified Cruelty Free Trademark?

The Certified Cruelty Free trademark is essential for attracting vegan and socially-conscious customers. Our badge is a globally recognized symbol that can be found on product tags, labels, brochures, marketing collateral, websites and more.

Do all my services have to be cruelty free/vegan to register the trademark?

No! Even if your company offers non‐vegan services & specialities, you can still register just one vegan service with us.

What is an example of a service business?

A service business is a company that provides a service such as an interior designer, aesthetician, and architect, to name a few.

What are the requirements for a service(s) to be Certified Cruelty Free?

  • The products used within a specific service or practice must not originate from any living creature.
  • The items used in the service cannot be an animal byproduct.
  • The products within the service you provide are not tested on animals.

Why register your service(s)?

Registering for the trademark is not only a moral obligation, but is key to your company's growth. By displaying the Certified Cruelty Free trademark, potential customers will know that you have knowledge in vegan practices and that you offer the option to use products that are 100% vegan.

  • Consumers are more likely to work with a company that indicates it does not harm animals.
  • Seals and trademarks convey trust and confidence when consumers are seeking cruelty free businesses.
  • Consumer confidence transpires into increased sales.
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Please note: Even if your company offer non-vegan services, you can still register your vegan service options with us.


How We Promote You

We want our audience to know about you and/or your company, and that you have taken an ethical and humane step towards saving the lives of animals. By registering the trademark, you become a strong part of our marketing and promotional campaigns. We promote your company and services immediately upon registering for the trademark. Your success in becoming a Certified Cruelty Free leader in your industry is part of our mission.



Your business will appear in all “Certified Cruelty Free” social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We are proud to brag about you!


Your business will be featured in our online resource guide. We have members on all continents that use our guide as a trusted source.


Your business will be featured in e-mail blasts and newsletters sent to our passionate community.


Your business will be featured in 3rd party blogs, podcasts & publications! We write and appear in many influential publications and we always highlight our trademark licensee's! Here’s how a few of our licensee's were recently featured in one of our articles for VEGNEWS.

When you have a new service or announcement, our team will create a promotional video along with a Q&A interview to share on our social media platforms. We help you grow. Depending on your company's location, we can create promotional features in different languages.


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The "Certified Cruelty Free Logo" is a trademarked badge that connects customers to businesses and corporations that have made the ethical decision to highlight any or all of their existing service that are not made or derived from any living creatures and that the services have met the requirements to display the "Certified Cruelty Free" logo.

Consumer Trends


The number of socially-conscious consumers in the world continues to grow every single year! By offering at least one vegan service in your business, you are will increase your number of potential customers. Consumers are more likely to work with a business that indicates it does not harm animals. Seals and logos convey trust and confidence when consumers are seeking cruelty free practices. Consumer confidence transpires into increased sales.

  • The fee to license the Certified Cruelty Free trademark is $450.00 USD. This fee covers one or all products within your inventory that meet the guidelines. There are no quantity limits included in the $450.00 fee.
  • In order to ensure the trademarked logo is represented properly, your company must abide by our logo guidelines.

Review From An Interior Designer

Certified Cruelty Free gives you the knowledge and tools to run your business in a more ethical and compassionate way.
— Lisa Hoffman, Interior Designer

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