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Example of the Certified Cruelty Free trademark on a product tag.

Example of the Certified Cruelty Free trademark on a product tag.

The Certified Cruelty Free trademark is a globally recognized symbol.

The Certified Cruelty Free trademark is a globally recognized symbol.

👉 What is a TRADEMARK?

 A trademark is a symbol contributing to the image of a company. The symbol can be displayed on product tags, labels, brochures, marketing collateral, websites, store windows and more. A cruelty free trademark is a must for attracting and connecting with the rapidly growing vegan and socially-conscious consumer. 

👉 WHY our TRADEMARK is different from others?

The way in which we promote, feature & highlight you and your company is like no other trademark available! Your company name is not simply listed next to hundreds of other businesses in hopes your name will catch a customers eye. You're unique, hip and gosh darnit', you're special! We will shout that out to the world! Here are 5 ways we go above & beyond to promote you:

  1. Social Media: You will appear in all “Certified Cruelty Free” social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Tell us about a service or product that needs a shout out and we will take it from there. We are proud to brag about you!
  2. Shopping Guide:  We don't simply list your company along with all the others lost in a sea of bland, outdated and boring website pages. Our site is beautiful, hip and has great energy! You & your company will shine with us.
  3. E-mail Newsletters: Get featured in our e-mail blasts and newsletters. You and your company are stars - oh yes, you are!
  4. Media & Publications: This one's a goodie - get featured in 3rd party blogs, podcasts & publications! We write and appear in many influential publications, appear in the lecture circuit & are continually interviewed. We ALWAYS  highlight our trademark licensees. We take it very seriously and will take every opportunity to mention how fabulous you & your company are. Here’s how a few of our licensee's were recently featured in one of our articles for VegNews.
  5. Video Campaigns: Upon registering for the trademark, our team will create a promotional video unique to your & your business along with a Q&A interview to share on our social media platforms. We help you grow exponentially! Depending on your company's location, we can create promotional features in different languages. Muy bueno, no?

We want our audience to know that you have taken an ethical and humane step towards saving the lives of animals. By registering the trademark, you become part of our "family" & "community." You are a key part of our marketing and promotional campaigns. Your success in becoming a Certified Cruelty Free leader in your industry is the backbone of everything we stand for!


  •  A service business: a company or person that offers a service such as an architect, consultant, or interior designer.
  • A manufacturer: a company that creates at least one product that is cruelty-free and vegan.
  • A reseller: an online store or brick and mortar shop that sells at least one cruelty-free and vegan product made by another brand. For example, an online furniture store that carries many brands of furniture.


  • YES! If you are a manufacturer, all you need is one vegan product to register with us. You can continue to offer non-vegan products.
  • YES! If you have a service business, you can add cruelty-free/vegan options to your existing services. You do not have to go completely cruelty-free/vegan. You can continue to offer non-vegan services. For example, as an interior designer, you can offer animal derived and faux alternatives to customers.
  • YES! If you are a reseller you may still carry non-vegan products and brands as well.

👉 What are the requirements for a service business or product to display the trademark?

As a service business: It is required to take the online Vegan Design 101 Class. This will qualify you to register the trademark and use the logo on all your marketing material, website and more. The Vegan Design 101 Class teaches you everything about implementing faux (vegan) alternatives into your business. For example: If you are an interior designer, you will gain the knowledge to offer and promote vegan & cruelty-free design to your existing and new clients. Displaying the trademark on your business card, website & more, will stamp you as a certified vegan designer.The Vegan Design 101 Class is free for service businesses that register the trademark.

As a manufacturer or reseller: It is NOT required to take Vegan Design 101 Class. Your product(s) are approved via an online application that confirms the following:

  • The product(s) must not originate from any living creature
  • The product(s) cannot be an animal byproduct
  • The product(s) cannot be tested on animals

👉 did you know?

  • Consumers are more likely to buy a product that indicates it does not harm animals.
  • Seals and trademarks convey trust and confidence when consumers are seeking cruelty free products.
  • Consumer confidence transpires into increased sales.
  • Registering for the trademark is not only a moral obligation, but key to your company's growth. By displaying the Certified Cruelty Free trademark, potential customers will know that your item is 100% vegan & cruelty-free. 

"we chose CCF because of their support & marketing."

Rachel Nelson, Vegan Fashion Marketplace

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